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[MDE] Welcome to ebpml's Carnets de Bord new home

12/15/09 | by jdubray | Categories: MDE, Mobile, Xtext, iPhone

Update: The tool is now available as part of an early access beta program

This is probably long overdue, but I finally got tired of managing my blog's HTML by hand. So here is the new blog location. This is also an opportunity to set new goals. I have started working on a mobile application cogent DSL. I use Xtext -of course- and generate Objective-C code.




I am building an iPhone app for my FlashReader.org application as part of the overall design.

This is the result of the generated Objective-C code (without any changes). The code generation includes a layout algorithm as well, so that you don't have to use Interface Builder.


This tool is now available at m|oppr.

It was great to be back in Objective-C after nearly 15 years. It's amazing to think that IB and Objective-C and pretty much all this development suite was available in 1989. Very little has changed, just a bit more polished.

Of course, you noted that the first thing I did was to write a DSL so that I don't have to use IB and Objective-C...



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