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Tweet   Following my post last summer detailing how Chorus.js would solve the problem of expressing message formats in relation to a "Common Information Model", I am happy to report that I have completed the development of a DSL, which I believe is… more »
I built my first distributed computing system in 1987 using an Apple IIe and a handful A/D and D/A converters. By 1989, I had transformed it into a commercial product using shiny new PCs (running DOS/Turbo Pascal) and using HPIB (the HP Interface Bus)… more »
I have been involved in an interesting discussion with Jeppe Cramon, Clemens Vasters, Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz and Udi Dahan. It's a bit strange to be debating what SOA is in 2014, but it seems that SOA is still vastly misunderstood. So allow me, with a dose… more »
There is an area in Service and API engineering that has never been really solved: how do you relate the request and response message formats to their underlying information model? We are not talking about the physical data model which could potentially… more »
The past few weeks have been really productive on the Chorus.js front. This week-end I was able to implement the sample Chan N. Nguyen used in his great BPEL tutorial. The goal of this sample is to invoke a few Math apis to calculate the area in blue i… more »

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