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I explained in my last post that, over the last seven years, since Tim Bray's infamous post predicting with some exageration the End of SOA, the Web Style never took off. Instead we have witnessed the resurgence of the API style. I am not sure who could… more »
I was asked recently to create an estimate of the costs of versioning APIs (or Web Services). I wanted to share this estimate because I feel most people still don't understand the cost implications of versioning. When it comes to API versioning, I feel… more »
I'd be the first one to recognize that I am playing way our of my league here, no question about it, but it seems to me that Computer Science has been neglecting, if not abusing, the notion of state in ways that seem to be counter productive. I understa… more »
About 4 years ago I fired up my first Cloud server on Rackspace. The service has been great but Rackspace's pricing strategy has been abysmal. In 4 years, my bill stayed constant, so did the specs of my "servers" (a modest 10 Gb / 256 Mb). While Amazon… more »
Seven years ago, Tim Bray predicted the End-of-SOA and ended his commentary with: "SOA isn’t the future, Web style is." As a matter of fact, several people have predicted the End or the Death of SOA. Anne Thomas Manes, who from the comfort of her… more »

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