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10/15/09 :: [SOA, REST] The BEST PROOF REST is a FRAUD EVER [permalink]

I have asked countless times the RESTafarians to show what they were doing with "REST". At last they show more than insipid URI syntaxes and we start seeing the silly things they do with REST. I could not believe my eyes and my ears. InfoQ published a QCon video from InnoQ's CTO Phillip Ghadir. I certainly encourage you to watch it. I suspected for a long time that Stefan was just a CORBA/JEE guy that didn't really got much understanding of SOA. What this presentation shows is is what the RESTafarians did in day in and day out when they were "doing SOA" and then complained it did not work. This is what they have been doing for 15 years with distributed objects (and think that REST is going to change any bit of it):


Phillip (and Stefan) show this picture and all they can find wrong with SOA is that they can't use OO, they can't model their solution with a collection of classes and generate a service interface (duh?). And what they complain about? the WSDL file is "too large" and guess what... OO types coming from the generated WSDL are not as interoperable as they expected (duh?). Have you heard of something as WSDL-first? do you even understand a thing about model-driven engineering? (hint java2wsdl is not MDE, i.e. MDE is not TDE otherwise we would have called it Transformation-Driven-Engineering).

What's the solution? Atom feeds. Yes, no more code generation, just put everything in a feed and voila. Phillip goes on to explain how he built the solution. You'll appreciate how empty REST is. I can safely predict that nobody will ever be able to build a full scale enterprise information system (such as ERP) in a 100% RESTful way.

When I think of how much BS Stefan et al have laid over our industry based on such a flawed view of SOA, I just want to throw up. I can't help to think about all these SOA projects destabilized by so much boloney. The CORBA guys, included Bill Burke or Steve Vinoski never understood Service Orientation, not a thing. Their mind is anchored for ever in OO and DO (Look ma, there is no naming service so it has to be RPC...). There is nothing about extensibility, versioning, bi-directional interfaces, asynchrony, orchestration and assemblies they can understand. Not that the SOA-RM, RA or SoaML crew understands anything either. What a loss.

This loss is that much dramatic that REST has invaded the Cloud. RESTful APIs will hamper the legitimate growth of the Cloud. How can our genius RESTafarian friends ever believe that such a stateful, asynchronous, event driven world could be a good fit for REST? 

Phillip has the integrity to make a difference between RESTful integration as opposed to RESTful application (knowing well that RESTful applications are just a pipe dream). But, what have you gained? nothing, absolutely nothing. You have diverted scores of people in a rat hole making them believe that CRUD waz the new Cheese, contributing further to make IT as inefficient as it can possibly be. Even the Cloud - such a great idea - you successfully CRUDed it up.

Well done guys ! You can be proud of your scam.

The (other) REST is a fraud.