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ReaCall: a new Architecture for API Client SDKs


I have published project ReaCall, a new Architecture for API Client SDKs. The project was developed in collaboration with VIMOC Technologies, a leader in Landscape Computing. 

API Client SDKs are a must have for API providers who are looking to grow a vibrant ecosystem of 3rd party application developers. However, they are generally difficult to build and maintain, especially when the API evolves rapidly over time. 

You can always push the responsibility of building client-side SDKs to the developers, but that approach creates some friction, taking away precious resources from the developers which need to build plumbing, when they should be building solutions, and often breaking these solutions when the API changes.

Project ReaCall combines React.js and Swagger to make it easier for API providers to develop and evolve API Client SDKs (ACS).

ReaCall is a simple pattern enabled by React.js and Swagger’s metadata. A ReaCall component is a simple React.js component which acts as a mediator between an application, its views and some 3rd party API. The application can either be Web (client-side or server-side) or Native, per React.js deployments models.

Api Components (React.js) are the core of the SDK. Here is how they are used in the VIMOC’s SDK:


 You can learn more on the project’s page on BitBucket. 

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