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Canappi v1.0 Released

  05/30/11 20:40, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, Mobile, Xtext, iPhone, MOP, android

We released yesterday Canappi v1.0. This first release delivers on the vision of a technology neutral "development hub" that integrates the best design tools, libraries, back-end services and mobile platforms to build a new type of applications: "Converged Applications".

At the core of Canappi is a textual-dsl called "mdsl", built with Xtext, which is the first step away from "programming languages" towards architecture-centric meta languages which goals are not to mimic or even direct the operation of a processor, but rather to describe the structure and behavior of entire systems. Canappi's mdsl delivers a complete stack from data store, to services to mobile client, in one single formalism.

Another key foundation of Canappi is a new open platform for code generation that we will be talking about in the coming weeks.

If you want to see Canappi in action, you can download our "Kitchen Sink", a demo application that features about 80% of mdsl capabilities. We have voluntarily kept the back-end services out of the demo to keep it simple. We will release this week the back-end services demo.

We have also published a number of video tutorials and the reference documentation.

Building converged native mobile applications has never been easier.

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