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No (more) Standards

  09/28/10 16:57, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, BPM, SOA, UML
I am generally dubious of "No YYY" movements, but today, I'd like to make such a statement: No more so called "industry standards", No more "specifications". A long time working group companion, who is one of the best standard editor/writer on the… more »

[SOA,BPM,REST] Lifecycle: we are almost there

  09/16/10 08:26, by jdubray, Categories: BPM, SOA
In this presentation just posted on InfoQ, Udi Dahan shows us that we are almost there. He articulates correctly SOA and EDA, he has the intuition that Processes are actually relying on "autonomous" component. One more step, just reflect on how these com… more »
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[SOA,BPM,REST] Lifecycle Example

  09/14/10 20:56, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, BPM, SOA
  I built a simple business entity lifecycle example for someone who had some questions about the concept. I wanted to share it here since this type of concept is still foreign to most people in the industry. The example is about a stock order (buy or… more »

[SOA,BPM,REST] Udi's Epiphany

  08/31/10 06:07, by jdubray, Categories: BPM, SOA
Udi Dahan is a great architect, he speaks simply (not simplisticly) and clearly about very complex problems and ships great stuff. In short and long, I highly respect what he says and does. I did find a bit sad his last post on Race Conditions, not so… more »
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[MDE] Technologies, Architectures and Solution Models

  07/04/10 10:20, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, BPM
I had an interesting exchange about MOP with an InfoQ reader (duraid duraid) on Boris's latest post. I was arguing that one of the problems of distributed technologies is that they always boil down to wiring a distributed call to the method of class. In… more »
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