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Lambda Calculus and Software Fevers

  08/01/14 14:24, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, MOP, UML
There's been a lot of talks in our industry about what software engineering is and how it should be done. For those who don't know, the foundation of Computer Science, and unfortunately Software Engineering, is λ-calculus. It defines formally how "… more »
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Programming with Abstract State Types

  05/20/13 04:08, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, SOA, Xtext, MOP, UML
I'd be the first one to recognize that I am playing way our of my league here, no question about it, but it seems to me that Computer Science has been neglecting, if not abusing, the notion of state in ways that seem to be counter productive. I understa… more »
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B = mc2 is now available

  12/04/12 22:55, by jdubray, Categories: SOA, Mobile, UML, Business Strategy
Our latest book is available on Amazon Kindle. In B = mc2, we introduce a new, very innovative, Business Strategy Methodology: BOLT. more »
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No (more) Standards

  09/28/10 16:57, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, BPM, SOA, UML
I am generally dubious of "No YYY" movements, but today, I'd like to make such a statement: No more so called "industry standards", No more "specifications". A long time working group companion, who is one of the best standard editor/writer on the… more »

[MDE] The Road Ahead for UML

  05/22/10 08:35, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, UML
Ivar Jacobson and Steve Cook wrote a dull piece on the future of UML. They explain: Clearly, UML could be leaner, more expressive, easier to learn, easier to integrate with other modeling and programming languages, and more relevant to today's… more »
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