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ReaCall: a new Architecture for API Client SDKs

  05/23/15 00:49, by jdubray, Categories: News, SOA, android
Tweet   I have published project ReaCall, a new Architecture for API Client SDKs. The project was developed in collaboration with VIMOC Technologies, a leader in Landscape Computing.  API Client SDKs are a must have for API providers who are looking… more »
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The Essence of (my) Life

  03/01/15 14:16, by jdubray, Categories: android
Today was a beautiful day in the Puget Sound. I took this picture in downtown Bellevue and it got me thinking.   [image:20:] My kids are going to be 14 and 18 in just a few months, and I just crossed 50. So it's probably a good time to tell them the… more »
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Switching to the Galaxy S5

  09/17/14 00:14, by jdubray, Categories: Mobile, android
So I did it, I switched from an iPhone 5 to a Galaxy S5. Why? I am just tired of the self-congratulating attitude of the company and its leadership. I just can't watch another Jony Ive video or Tim Cook keynote. They delivered nothing since 2011 with… more »
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How to Run a Chorus.js Orchestration on a Raspberry Pi?

  07/22/14 03:43, by jdubray, Categories: android
Here is a fun project you can do with an entry level Raspberry Pi board. In this project you'll learn how to create a set of APIs which control the Raspberry Pi GPIOs and an orchestration which turns on and off a LED connected to one of the output ports… more »
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Why is Google+ Google's Biggest Strategic Blunder?

  12/28/12 23:42, by jdubray, Categories: Mobile, android, Business Strategy
Google+ is pretty much guaranteed to make it one day to the "Social Bloopers". Is there a social place that is more empty: "hot" news you don't care about, followers that look like ghosts, circles that make bubbles all day, driven by Google MVPs. It's n… more »
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