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Build Data Services in Minutes with Postman and Hivepod

  09/24/12 13:48, by jdubray, Categories: Mobile, iPhone, iPAd, android
We have some exciting news to report on Canappi's mobile back-end capabilities. We have used MongoLab MongoDB's hosted service for a number of projects and we have made it even easier to create data services for mobile apps using MongoLab.           more »
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Mobile App Monetization

  07/25/12 15:36, by jdubray, Categories: News, Mobile, iPhone, iPAd, android
David Barnard wrote a really interesting post on the recent acquisition of Sparrow. This is a must read for any mobile developer expecting to make a living from their craft. This could actually very well be the best article written on the topic. But I… more »
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Mobile Strategy for 2012 and Beyond

  06/23/12 12:37, by jdubray, Categories: Mobile, iPhone, iPAd, android
I was amused to see this Mobile Development Platforms Gartner Quadrant this morning. A friend of mine asked me what did I think of it? What is a sensible no-bs lasting mobile strategy in 2012? more »
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A fully functional multiplaform app in less than 140 chars

  03/28/12 16:13, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, Mobile, iPhone, MOP, iPAd, android
This is possibly a world record: I tried to fit a Canappi app descriptor in a tweet, in less than 140 chars !! and it works. Who can do better? or simpler? Here is the file. You can generate the iOS and Android app here, after registration. more »
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Ten things Canappi does that Interface Builder can't do

  03/26/12 06:04, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, Mobile, iPhone, iPAd, android
Interface Builder is one of the most amazing software ever written. After 25 years (and hardly anything added to it), it is still relevant and still a GUI designer far ahead of the competion. Just let me know if you know any other piece of software that… more »
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