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ReaCall: a new Architecture for API Client SDKs

  05/23/15 00:49, by jdubray, Categories: News, SOA, android
Tweet   I have published project ReaCall, a new Architecture for API Client SDKs. The project was developed in collaboration with VIMOC Technologies, a leader in Landscape Computing.  API Client SDKs are a must have for API providers who are looking… more »
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The Era of Superficial Intelligence

  01/23/15 15:47, by jdubray, Categories: News
I don't think there is an industry that is more pompous and full of .... as the Information industry. Just its name speaks for itself when users are left for themselves to find information in an ocean of meaningless data and content. But the hype went… more »
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Migrating from Rackspace to EC2

  03/25/13 23:33, by jdubray, Categories: News, SOA, Business Strategy
About 4 years ago I fired up my first Cloud server on Rackspace. The service has been great but Rackspace's pricing strategy has been abysmal. In 4 years, my bill stayed constant, so did the specs of my "servers" (a modest 10 Gb / 256 Mb). While Amazon… more »
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Mobile App Monetization

  07/25/12 15:36, by jdubray, Categories: News, Mobile, iPhone, iPAd, android
David Barnard wrote a really interesting post on the recent acquisition of Sparrow. This is a must read for any mobile developer expecting to make a living from their craft. This could actually very well be the best article written on the topic. But I… more »
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The Platform

  04/12/12 06:36, by jdubray, Categories: News, SOA, Mobile
The purchase of Instagram is no less than an attempt to define the new landscape of our industry. Facebook tells us that moving forward you have to pick your position in the ecosystem with precision: an app, a service or a platform. For instance, it… more »
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