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Reinventing Agile: From Value to Solutions

  04/26/13 06:22, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, Business Strategy
This post is a synthesis of two posts I originally published on my other blog "unRelated". One of the key foundations and most attractive principle of Agile or Lean methodologies is that   "Everyone can help each other remain focused on the highest pos… more »

Migrating from Rackspace to EC2

  03/25/13 23:33, by jdubray, Categories: News, SOA, Business Strategy
About 4 years ago I fired up my first Cloud server on Rackspace. The service has been great but Rackspace's pricing strategy has been abysmal. In 4 years, my bill stayed constant, so did the specs of my "servers" (a modest 10 Gb / 256 Mb). While Amazon… more »
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Revisiting the Conway Law

  02/03/13 12:14, by jdubray, Categories: Business Strategy
Tweet  The Conway Law seems to be getting a renewed interest lately. In 1968, Mel Conway, then, a manager of peripheral systems research at Univac, devised: "organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copie… more »
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Business Models for Next Generation Social Networks

  01/15/13 05:02, by jdubray, Categories: Mobile, Business Strategy
Tweet   A couple of weeks ago, we explored the Future of Social Networks which we see evolving towards: friends over followers future over past activities over posts In this post we would like to share a couple of the business models… more »
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B = mc2 is available to download for free this week-end

  01/12/13 06:19, by jdubray, Categories: MDE, SOA, Mobile, Business Strategy
This week-end you can download our book for free on iTunes. “The Platform” which was pioneered independently by Amazon and Apple over the last decade is creating a highly disruptive environment, introducing a discontinuity at all levels: economic, fina… more »
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