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BPEL4PEOPLE 1.0 metamodel published

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BPMN 1.0 metamodel published

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SCA 1.0 metamodel published

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WSDL 2.0 metamodel published

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WSPER's primer released for comments

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Over the last 10 years the concept of Service Oriented Architecture grown from the simple idea of sending XML over HTTP. A large stack of loosely related specifications followed to formalize these interchanges of data. However, and by design, this stack never intended to create an application model from which complete systems could be build. The implementation of this stack in various vendor products has created a fairly large heterogeneity of concepts, yet achieving interoperability at the wire level. wsper is a new programming language which supports an abstract SOA framework. This framework is abstract because it can be implemented in several different ways and on top of different SOA infrastructures (SOI). The goal of wsper is to federate the concepts that make service oriented architecture unique and help lower the barrier of entry to become a SOA developer or architect.


wsper's primer